A Foreigner In Denmark

For a while now I had been thinking about writing a blog. I had always enjoyed writing at school and was always quite an expressive type of person. However, procrastination got in the way. I always talked myself out of getting started. “Who would read anything that I write?” “I’ll start it next week”. These are just two examples of the thoughts going through my head over such an extended period of time. Well, I am here now. I am back home for the Christmas holidays and to be honest I am a little tired of watching films (and left my PS4 in Denmark) so I convinced myself it is either now or never.

Now, I have read A LOT of blogs in my time and to be honest I sometimes cringed with those ones that give superficial, unpractical advice and anecdotes. But the joke is, when I actually sat down and thought about what exactly I would be blogging about, I concluded I will more than likely also be giving lame advice (lol).

I am Brit studying in Denmark. I have lived in Denmark on two separate occasions. The first time I was in Denmark was for a year from 2015-16 during an Erasmus exchange period during my bachelor’s degree. The second was April earlier of this year (2017), so I have had nearly two years in this very cool country.

Now, once again, I will emphasize the fact that I am a Brit. Compared to those from other countries, not many people from Britain move abroad. I am not talking about traveling to South East Asia or Australia for six months. I mean moving overseas for an extended period, either for work or study and the like. And it is strange because not only do not many people from Britain move around but definitely not many people from my background either. I am a black guy from a single parent family that was bought up in one of the roughest parts of London. I have a bachelors degree, and I am currently studying my master’s in Denmark. So I guess I would be writing this from a unique(ish) perspective.I will blog about

Here’s a heads-up. I will blog about

  • Life in general as a foreign student in Denmark.
  • What I have done/am doing to have a successful time in abroad.
  • Frustrating things (most likely Brexit related).
  • Whatever I feel like at the time of writing.


Look out for a new post coming very, very soon. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@Gxrds), Twitter (@Gxrds) or contact me via the form on this site. If you’re feeling in the festive spirit, feel free to subscribe too.

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