2018: The Year of Doing Things

I am always slightly conflicted about how to approach my blog posts. I am an introvert and quite a private person, but at the same time, I like writing and expressing myself. I have some days where I feel like talking a lot, then there are some days where I can’t be bothered to say anything. Anyway, we will see how it goes with this one.

2017 was a tough year. I won’t go into too much detail, but it involved me living in two different countries, staying in four different places and studying at two different universities.

“I was 23 living like a 43-year-old, and for quite some time I didn’t really realise”

But when I reflect on 2017, none of the above is what made the year tough. When I look back on last year, it was more about my day-to-day and how I was approaching things. I was 23 living like a 43-year-old, and for quite some time I didn’t really realise. For the most part, my schedule for 12 months went more or less as follows:

(Mon-Fri) Wake-up > Uni > Home > Gym > Home > Eat > TV > Sleep

(Sat-Sun) Wake-up > Gym/Football > Home > Eat > Work > Home > Eat > Sleep.

Probably slightly exaggerated. I went on a few holidays and saw a few nice places, but you get the gist.

Anyway, more to the point. It’s a new year, and although I don’t usually do the whole New Years resolution-thing, one of mine for 2018 is to stop being so routine. It’s not so much about what I do, it’s more about how I do things. While I like structure, I don’t like predictability. As the deep Kylie Jenner said ‘2016 is the year of realising things’. So I am sure I am speaking for everyone when I say ‘2018 must be the year of doing things’.


So, I started this year as I mean to go on. The first weekend of the year saw me take an impromptu trip to Hamburg. By impromptu, I mean the decision to go to Germany. I was always planning to go somewhere I hadn’t previously been, but it wasn’t until the evening before when I decided I would drive the 220 miles down to Hamburg.

First things first, Schengen is quite fascinating. Being able to drive travel between countries with such ease is a great feature of being an EU member, and something I hadn’t experienced so much, travelling to and from the U.K.

Secondly, from what I saw on the day, Hamburg is a decent city. Unfortunately, I am not a travel blogger, so I don’t have several pictures next to the city’s landmarks. However, I have this one that was taken on a nice bridge.



So, you will have to take my word for it when I say that it’s a very clean, modern and exciting city. It’s not overcrowded, but there are enough people about to provide a good vibe. A lot of the people I interacted with were very friendly (apart from the waiter in Pizza-Hut who suggested I give him a 2 Euro tip, even though he had me seated at a table for 15 minutes before asking if I and my companion needed a menu). And in Hamburg, there seems to be a lot to do. Ok, I didn’t go on the double-decker bus tours or any of the other tourist traps, but they were there in case I needed them, and that was always reassuring to know.

St. Pauli

I also walked over to St. Pauli – which is a suburb of Hamburg. Before going, I didn’t know much about St. Pauli, but what I did know is that the Beatles got big there and that they had a football club too. To my shame, I didn’t take any pictures in St. Pauli, partly because whichever part I was in, it wasn’t the part you wanted to be getting your phone out and taking pictures of. Though I probably should’ve known better. Look at the football clubs crest. It screams ‘BAD NEWS’.


All-in-all it was a good trip and a fairly decent experience. I got to break my routine, go somewhere I hadn’t previously been, and I also got to see a great city, so I’ll give myself a big pat on the back.


On Sunday, I was still feeling a bit wild * flicks hair *, and since I still had access to a car, I went to the highest point of Denmark (Himmelbjerget) – just outside of Aarhus. I am not going to lie, Denmark is quite a flat country, so the highest point wasn’t even that high. But it was alright. You couldn’t see so much in terms of infrastructure, but the view was nice.

blog 4 pic

Again, I am glad I went and ticked it off my list. Because, as I said before, it’s not about what I am doing, it’s more about how I am doing things.



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