Why do people try and deny others their moment of shine?

Why do people try and deny others their moment of shine?

I saw an interesting tweet the other day, and it made me think about things in a way that I hadn’t really done before. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I have too much free-time during these winter holidays or whether it is because I am getting soft in my old age, but it was thought-provoking.

The tweet was from a lady named Chams, and she was more or less speaking about people not wanting to acknowledge other people’s accolades and achievements.

And with that tweet, it made me think of this blog that I have created. Now with this blog, I didn’t really anticipate generating much of a readership, but the statistics have shown that some people actually read what I write. Not only that but with each blog post I create, the readership increases.

What’s weird is that with the more people that are checking for the content I put out, the less it seems people I know personally want to recognise that publically.

I hope I am not coming across entitled, but it did make me think about why people are reluctant to give others a little boost when they see they’re doing well. I am speaking in general when I say this. If you see someone promoting their craft, hobby or whatever, whether music, blogging, photography, etc. and you don’t like it then that is fair enough. But if you recognise they have a talent, and you’re not willing to publicly acknowledge that, ask yourself why not.

Now hear what I am saying when I say public recognition. When a singer that you like posts a tweet or a video on Facebook you will like it and probably share it. Why? Because more often than not, you want people to see that you like and endorse this singer. So why is it the case when someone that you know puts out some material, you won’t share or endorse in public, but you might message them in private saying ‘I like what you’re doing, keep it up’.

Maybe I am different, but if I see someone I know doing something that I like, I am not going to deny them their moment. If they post something I like on the timeline, I will give them that same recognition on the timeline – none of that direct messaging, whispering business.

Some people will read this and think ‘it’s not that serious, Shaun’. And to be honest, maybe they’re right. It’s probably not that serious. But for many people (and I am not even talking about myself) they have come a long way with not very much. The same energy you would probably use to gossip about them if they weren’t doing so well, use that to spread the word about how well they’re doing.

It’s 2018, try to be a better person!

2 thoughts on “Why do people try and deny others their moment of shine?

  1. Interesting take on the “like” button and the act of “sharing” a post. I am an active “like button pusher”. I agree that not acknowledging a post can seem petty. On the other hand I never share or repost other’s blogs. Mostly because I don’t know how but also partly because I don’t want to use my blog to promote someone else’s work. Does that make me selfish?


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