2018: The Year of Being Annoying

This year we need to be annoying. We need to show people what we’ve achieved.

I used to cringe at new years resolutions, but this year I set some of my own. I already told you how I would like to do more things this in 2018, see more places, etc. But, I also want to start recognising my achievements.

Looking back on 2017, I completed a lot, and I never took the time, nor did I want to celebrate.

I graduated from University and didn’t even go to the ceremony. I got admitted to my master’s degree and barely cracked a smile. Moved abroad for the second time and didn’t even hold a leaving party. Don’t even get me started on what I did (or didn’t do) for my birthday.

I didn’t like highlighting my achievements, particularly on social media. I was always conscious of coming across as gloating or annoying. But, then I thought about it. Why should I feel some kind of way about letting people know something that I had worked hard for had paid off?

Look, I’m far from the finished article, all I have to do is look at my bank account as a reminder. However, I’m now not afraid to let people know have come a long way from where I started, with next to no handouts might I add.

So this year I am going to move a little different. I am no longer going to be afraid to highlight my achievements, and I suggest others do the same.

You lost a few pounds? Show us, bro. You got a new job, let us hear about that, sis. Life is short, so I hereby encourage everyone to be a bit more annoying and share things that they’re proud of.

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